Essential Information for your Support Ticket

When sending in a support ticket there are some basic things you can do to ensure that your query is resolved with as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Here are some things we will ALWAYS need to know as it helps us to put things right as quickly as possible:

* Your username for the site where you have the problem. Please take some time to ensure that you provide the correct user name as if you don’t do so then it may take us longer to find your account.

* The email address you provided for the site where you have the problem. This may not be the same as the email address you are using to send the support ticket but if you can provide this then we can find your account quicker.

Reporting the problem:

Please try and give as much relevant information as possible about the problem you are having. If you can take a screenshot to show what your problem is then that may be helpful but don’t worry if you cannot do this.

Remember that some problems are easier to solve than others and some can be a bit tricky. If yours is a tricky problem then we will need a little longer to put things right but we will keep you informed on how things are progressing.

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