Godaddy Instructions Don't Match

This is part of the old set up.  This is for hosting a domain for your Campaign Management sites, which is also part of the old set up. 

If you had previously used this option, it would still work for your campaign management sites, however moving forward we are using the more recent and innovation tools, the funnelizer.  

This domain hosting does not work for either the funnelizer or MLSP sites.

If still using this, here are some FAQ's -

Although the location of some of the options have changed the procedure is the same.  

After selecting your domain name from your list of domains, to find the Name Server option, see the link on the left hand side, vs the icon at the top.

If you need to park your domain, select Standard.

To see the IP address your domain is pointed to, click on the top tab >DNS zone File. This is also where you add/change your @ host IP.  

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