Commission Payment Schedule


Commissions are accumulated semi-monthly and paid semi-monthly. Pay periods close on the 15th and last day of the month.  Payments will be processed 5-7 BUSINESS days after the close of each pay period.  (Please allow the allotted time for processing).

NOTE: All Commissions from any products or memberships are held for 30 days from the date of purchase or renewal, and then will be paid out on the following paydate. Commissions $500 or more are now held for 45 days. Once they are released they will be tallied and located at the bottom of your commission total under eligible earnings.  Your qualified earnings have to exceed the minimum you have set under your account>my affiliate account set up, for commissions to be issued.

EXAMPLE: Example, a membership paid for on 1/17 will not be eligible for payment until after 2/16, and then should be issued a few days following the 3/1 commission cutoff.  We make payments to our members through our partner, PayQuicker.  PayQuicker offers a variety of options.  For more details click Here.  International members where PayQuicker is not supported are paid out via PayPal.  (providing their country supports PayPal).

To update your commission set up, simply go to your back office and click on 'Account', then select 'MLSP Affiliate Account Setup.'  And complete the required tax forms.  *** IMPORTANT: Do NOT sign up for a PayQuicker account right now!  If you are owed commissions, you will get an e-mail 5-7 business days after the pay period closes that is unique to you and your e-mail address with instructions on what to do next.


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