Security - Pin Reset

Please try logging into your backoffice -- and you will see a window appear requesting you to enter your PIN code. If you do not remember your PIN information, or have not previously set one up, use the "Forgot Your PIN?" link, and request a new PIN reset authorization email.

Then please, *remain on the same page.* If you need to access your email from a website, please open a new browser window or tab, so your session with MLSP remains open and active.

This action will *not* send you out a new PIN number. The code it sends can not be used as a replacement PIN. It will, however, email you an authorization code to reset your PIN information.

You'll find, if you do not leave your backoffice after requesting the email, a spot where this code can be entered. One provided, you will be able to set up a new PIN login. Please make sure that this is a different word/phrase from your regular password... and make sure you write down both and keep in a secure location in case you forget down the line.

If you leave your backoffice at any point during the reset process, you will have to start over again from scratch.


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