Invalid Tax Certificate (W8 or W9)

Please return to Account > MLSP Affiliate Account Setup > Click Here to Edit Tax Information... at the bottom of the screen you can see your submission status and any specific errors that were encountered.

Please be sure you are filling out the *entire* form... and not just the highlighted portions. (Beneficiary Owner is selected using the check boxes under your name)

Please ensure you click "apply for written signature" prior to esigning.

To access your form again, find the email that was first sent to you from MyLeadSystemPRO Legal <>and click on the highlighted link. You can also return to Account > MLSP® Affiliate Account Setup > Click Here to Edit Tax Information and request a new email, if you misplaced your original, or if the original link has expired.

Instructions on how to fill out these forms is available through Account>MLSP Affiliate Account Setup>Click Here to Toggle Instructions.

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