Park Account (put on hold)

You are able to manage your subscription by going to the link:  My Account -> My Membership

• Once you are on the My Membership page, click on the Update Subscription > Change My Subscription Status. Alternately, you can click here:

• Review the appropriate account options under "Changing Your Account Subscription Status

• Select your requested status -- parked -- from the drop down menu and click

Update Subscription Status


PLEASE NOTE:   Parked memberships are $9.95/per every 30 days


In Parked Status: Almost all your marketing sites and links will be INACTIVE, however, we will keep all your account settings and any pages/sites that you had setup so that you may fully re-activate your account anytime in the future.

You will still have some access to the back office, including some MLSP campaigns and product campaigns, your account information, and any products you have purchased, while your account is parked.  

You won't have access to any custom features, CRM/lead information, blog/site, funnelizer, training, tools, or any other links including webinar links and blog affiliate links. 



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