Why GoDaddy

Part of the reason we really recommend people pick up their domains via GoDaddy -- as certain domain hosts handle forwarding differently.

For most, the basic forwarding works fine.

www.yourdomain.com goes right to


However, for some hosts, anything further into the site becomes a problem. If you're on the page and click a link, it will still work. But, if you're linking someone directly to an internal page (as the emails do), your host won't allow it.

So, instead of

www.yourdomain.com/training leading to


Your domain host may give you an error message. GoDaddy, and in fact most domain hosts, keep the forward/masking working for any of the internal pages for a website. But occasionally, rarely, we run into one or two who don't.

Check with your domain host's support, and see if there is any way around it. They may just have to activate something on their end to allow the forwarding to apply to ALL pages within your website.

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