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How to add your own video to your campaign pages.

First, you would need to upload your finished video to a sharing site such as YouTube.  Once uploaded, be sure to get the web address to the video.  For YouTube, this can be found by clicking on the share button below the video>options, and select the long link or in the browser.  Alternatively you can upload a video from your computer to your hosted media under your content > my hosted media.

Next, you'll want to link the video to your MLSP™ video management interface.  Return to your MLSP™ backoffice, and go to 'My Content' > 'My Videos and Audios'.  This part should be fairly easy to follow -- but do be sure to select the correct page type under "Video Location."  You'll need to designate which page's pull-down your video will show up under, from the following options:

Lead (lead capture page).

Welcome (your welcome page, if any).

Intro (your sales/introduction to MLSP page).

Business Opportunity 

Or Fanpage

Last, but not least, you'll actually link the video to the proper page.  For Lead, Welcome or Intro, go to 'My Websites' > 'Campaign Management', select your primary campaign name and the site group within.  This should bring up an edit window.

Scroll down to the video selection area of each page, using the pull down menu to select your newly attached video.  Save your changes, then clear your browser cache and cookies before test-viewing your site.  With the old data out of the way, the new version of your site should be available -- WITH your new videos.

Changing campaign templates. 

You are not able to change the templates of a currently active site, but you *can* create a second Site Group within the existing campaign, then swap them out.  Go to 'My Websites' > 'Campaign Management' and select your campaign you want to modify.

Once in it, you'll see you have the option to Create a new Site Group. Select this, and you can create a new capture page, welcome page and sales page -- this time with the template you wish to use. Once you finish creating a new "site," you will return to the campaign page. This time around, you'll see both the new and old site in there.

Click the play button to the right of the new site, and pause beside the old one. This assigns the site you just created to that campaign. Finally, you can click on the red "X" to the right of the old site to completely delete it.

Don't forget to clear your browser cache and cookies before test-viewing your updated site.

How to upload an Image.

You can do that under 'My Content' -> 'My Images'.  Name your image for your reference > choose file from your computer > upload image.  You will have to go back to your campaign to edit and add your image to it.  

Using images in campaign landing pages.

First of all, you will need to upload an image you want to use for a campaign site group template.  You can do that under 'My Content' -> 'My Images'.

Once you have an image uploaded, you will be able to create a new campaign under my website>campaign managment > campaign > site group or use an existing one that supports images.  Scroll down to the image section > select image reference name from your drop down box.  Make sure you edit the custom text with your own, or the image will not show > Save > Preview the template to see what it looks like.  You may have to clear your cache and cookies to see the update.

I have set up 2 Campaigns but the default link for each campaign is the same.

The default link for your account will link to the default campaign that is set in your website > website settings.  The default link is your default link for your custom campaigns.  

Once you create a secondary campaign, and if you would like to get the link for the campaign directly, then click on the campaign name in the campaign summary to get the actual campaign link.  The link will have an ID field appended to the end of the link.  This ID (extension), is what makes the links unique for each campaign. 

However, it is highly suggested to get a domain name for your custom campaigns.  See University 101 steps 4-6.

My campaign is only showing one site group version when I have two active?

This is because MyLeadSystemPRO uses cookies to track which page you have visited first.  MLSP will keep your computer on the same site group until the site group is deleted or your browser cookies are deleted.

This is to ensure that the split tests are valid and the same visitor isn't loading multiple versions of the same page over and over in case different offers are shown in each site group.

Split testing isn`t working with my campaign.

This is because MyLeadSystemPRO uses cookies to track which site group your computer has viewed within your campaign.  MLSP will keep your browser on the same site group until either your cookies are deleted or the site group is deleted from MLSP.

MyLeadSystemPRO will keep your browser on the same site group for the campaign that it had first visited.  This is to keep the validity of the split testing in tact to ensure the greatest level of conversion tracking for your campaigns.

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