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AWeber doesn't allow me to import the campaign code.

There has been a known bug in AWeber when trying to import an autoresponder series when using Internet Explorer.

One quick fix is to use the Firefox or Chrome web browser.  Firefox and Google Chrome are free browsers that you can download from or

Does this system come with an auto responder?

Yes and No. MyLeadSystemPRO does not come with a user controlled auto responder, but we do provide a complete auto responder campaign series you can use right out of the box.

We do recommend that you eventually have your own auto responder setup because we want you to build YOUR list rather than someone else's list.  This subscriber list will become very valuable to your business as you grow.

Error Mailing List is not Currently Active.

If you are encountering an error message after filling out the form on your MLSP™ Lead Capture page, you have not provided us with your correct autoresponder list name.

Please double-check the information listed under 'Account' > 'My Autoresponders', and make sure the List name or Unique ID# there matches the campaign name/ ID created in your autoresponder program.  If there's any differences between the two (which is what caused that error screen to appear), MLSP™ won't be able to forward your lead information to your mailing list.

As always, be sure to clear your browser cache and cookies (temporary internet files) before testing your corrected page.

How to set up default autoresponder.

To set your Autoresponder back to the System Default, Go to "My Account">My Autoresponders>"Add New Responder">"Select from drop down box">"Update" then....

Go to "My Websites" > "My Website Settings" > "Autoresponder"

Here you can select which autoresponder you wish to use as default.

What domain to use in my Auto Responder Account.

For Aweber and Get Response, you only need to enter your MLSP username.  Make sure you follow the instructions under your account tab > my autoresponders.

Where to find the Aweber Campaign Code. 

You can find this under your account > my autoresponders> toggle instructions and underneath the last Aweber video tutorial, you will see the code you will copy into your Aweber account to load your messages.

Custom Autoresponders.

MyLeadSystemPRO will only work with certain autoresponders.  We require that the data sent to the autoresponder be forwarded back so that we can provide tracking for your campaigns.  Certain autoresponders don't forward the data or they change the format of the forwarded data, so we have to limit which autoresponders are supported.

The autoresponders we currently support is AWeber & GetResponse.

There is one option for a custom one, however it would require a programmer which is outside of our support.  See at the bottom of the ``my autoresponders`` page.  You can also use the Zapier application that is currently in beta testing, which is also explained under the autoresponder instruction.  

Further training on Zapier can be found under marketing strategies > CRM > advanced videos.




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