Card is Declined

If your card has been declined, MLSP™ will automatically try the card on file a few times, in case there was a temporary issue with your bank account/credit card company that prevented the original payment from going through.

You would first want to check that your payment method on your account is up to date and there is no issues with your card and update if necessary. Also check to see that the system did not remove your card as this happens if the system detects any issues with the card.  If this is the case, make sure you have added a valid card and contact support to ensure this is enabled on your subscription.  

If after several attempts your card does not go through the system will automatically disable your account.
If you'd like to reactivate your membership, it is easy to do within the first 72 hours.  Simply return to your normal backoffice login screen and enter your username and password.  If your account had been disabled, you will find a new menu item: "UPGRADE." Here, you will be able to select the membership level you wish to reactivate under, then enter your updated billing information. Once done, your payments will be caught up, and you will be allowed back into your backoffice.
After the initial 72 hours in an inactive state (canceled or, in this case, closed due to nonpayment), we can no longer guarantee that your progress and information will still be on record. Our system occasionally purges the data from inactive accounts to free up space on the server for new and existing members.
For future reference, we recommend adding a backup credit card to the system in case your primary card fails.  This will ensure that your account stays active at all times.  To add a backup credit card, go to 'Account' > 'My Credit Cards' and add a new card.
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