Cancel Account Membership

You are able to manage your subscription by going to the link:  My Account -> My Membership

Once you are on the My Membership page, click on the 'Update Subscription' link next to your subscription details.  Scroll to the bottom and select your requested status '-- canceled --' from the drop down menu and click 'Update Subscription Status' -- DON'T FORGET to click UPDATE to save the cancellation!

AFTER you have canceled your membership, if you are still within the trial period, submit a request for a refund to (make sure to include your username).

If you are not within the trial period, active members will continue to have access through the remainder of your current paid-for period.  After your paid subscription has ended, your account will then be fully closed. Our membership payments are not refundable or prorated,
Canceled members can still be a free affiliate and market some product campaigns.  Canceled members will also retain access to any purchased products under their "store" tab. 
PLEASE NOTE:  An expired card on file, does NOT cancel an account.  MLSP is not responsible for any charges incurred. Please follow the appropriate steps above to cancel an account to ensure no further charges
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